How to Treat Women’s Endometriosis In Sex?

Most women will suffer Endometriosis at their any age, no matter what they are younger or elder. Symptoms of endometriosis include heavy menstrual bleeding, painful periods, and sometimes, pain during sex. Usually, it will cause pain when having sex, but we could avoid it by knowing its reasons, and find proper ways to deal with it.

What will cause Endometriosis?
The usual reason of this will be vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness usually lead by some hormonal treatments or a surgical removal of the uterus. The another cause of vaginal dryness is your improper sex life.

What these women who get endometriosis will experience?
It will lead to a great pain in any body parts.

How to lessen your pain?
Even if you get the Endometriosis, it could be lessened easily. Trying different positions, using lube, exploring alternatives to intercourse, just keep continuous learning will help you.

1. Change your positions
Different sex positions will bring you different pain. You could try some positions like face-to-face, raise hips to relieve your pain and enjoy yourself.
2. Get the proper rhythm
Different penetration and thrusting can help you find the less discomfort during sex. You could control the speed by switching positions, which feels best for you.
3. Try lube
Lube will be your best friend when you get vaginal dryness and endometriosis, it will help ease your discomfort, and lessen your pain. Make sex life more pleasure, and easier!
4. Know more about your period
Most women will feel discomfort when they are in period. When you keep track of your cycle, you can also keep track of any symptoms related to endometriosis. As you know, by doing this, you will know more about that when you’re more likely to be pain-free.

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