Why women need massage her breast everyday?

Today, I must tell something to all of ladies, my girlfriend had a breast cancer last year but she had recovered now at the cost of cutting of her left nipple. This terrible thing happened on her as she always stay up late of her work, and never having a meal on time. Bad lifestyle and health opinions could cause a bad result.

As we all know, the breast is a highly complex organ that change as a result of monthly hormonal shifts, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and aging. The nipple is made up of tubes that connect and come together and exit the skin. The lobes are joined to the nipple by tubes (6-8) called ducts. The inner part of the breast is surrounded by fatty tissues that determine the size and gives the breasts its soft consistency.

According to breast complex structures, it may cause some diseases:breast cancer; mastitis; blocked milk duct; milk bleb; cyclic breast pain; benign lumps and so on. You could search more information from internet to know more about these symptoms, eapecially breast cancer.

Thus, massage nipples seems like a urgent thing to women in their daily life. According to scientific survey, massaging nipples twice or third times a week is enough to protect from breast diseases, but you could also massage twice or third times a day.

How to massage your nipples rightly?
1. Check the temperature of your hands, make them warm.
2. Apply massaging oil to your hands and slowly rub them together.
3. Use your right hand for the left breast and change opposite direction in the same way.
4. Move around the upper outside under part of the breast, around the nipple and back towards the armpit. Massage for at least 10 minutes everytime.

These massage ways can depend on yourself, if you have enough time, you could longer your massaging time, if not, you could for 5 minutes in the morning after you awake or evening before you sleep. Secretly to tell you, you could ask your partner to massage for you, it could increase sex pleasure between you and give you orgasms.

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