Why and how to have anal sex?

Most couples just try vaginal sex and oral sex, rare people are bold to experience anal sex. But once you had tried at the first time, you will love it all the life. Anal sex is that everyone has a butthole, so it’s a sex act available to people of all genders and sexualities. Anal sex will help to stimulate female prostate,which is so important to sexual pleasure.

As anal sex have been rated so high, so what should prepare for this sex behaviour?
1. Use lube
I think lube is the most important thing in our daily life, if you wanna prepare for anal sex, then lube is the most essential part. For avoiding risk of STI transmission, you should think about try which lube.Water-based lube is easy to clean up and can be used with silicone toys and latex condoms. But remember to frequently use it to avoid discomfort feelings.

2. Cleaning up
Before anal sex, you must do some cleaning in case of poop comes out of your butt during sex process. Nobody like the smelling. But in general, a wipe down with an unscented wipe that’s specifically for the genitals should be enough to get everything nice and clean. You can also take a shower, if that’s an option and makes you feel better, but really a good wipe or two should do it.

3. Use Butt Sex-Specific Towels
You also might want to get some towels to lay down on the bed (or the couch or wherever you’re doing it) so that if any lube or vaginal fluids or fecal matter gets all over the place, it’s easier to clean up.

4. Try sex toys
There are anal toys worth to try. When you’re preparing for anal sex, a great way to get used to sensations down there is by integrating toys into sex. Prostate massagers or anal sucker, fit for yourself to masturbation, get penetrating and deep insertion. But be careful, keep yourself safe when using anal toys.

5. Use condom
Condom must be used when you are having sex with a strange partner. Use condom not prevent your pregnancy, but lead you to a whole new experience and avoid getting infection.
If you’re really interested in anal, don’t let the preparation scare you off.

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