What should talk about on your first date?

Have you remembered your first date? With whom? When and where? Nervous or relax, shy or confident, happy or upset?And if you had married to the one you have first date or not? However first date has been so vital for most lovers, your good behaviour play an important role in your relationship(How to save your relationship with your best lover?)at this time. Getting a first date is not so easy. Dating requires your time, effort, and energy. It’s important to be prepared when you do have the opportunity for a first date. So how to behave yourself in a good way to avoid from nerves? There are some topics worth to try in your first date.

Talk about weather.
Firstly, when meeting each other, avoid from embrassment, you could try to refer to climate. In this way, it makes you two relax and talk more slowly.

“How about your family? ” This question could let she feel you are caring about her family, find out what her family life is like, and care for her parents’ health sate and so on.

What is your interests?
This question could also be asked in “what are you doing in your rest time or holiday?” or “what are your hobbies?” Finding out her interests is so important, she might have some pretty cool hobbies which could lead to all sorts of weird and wonderful conversations. You could judge her by reading more about her interests. If you have common hobbies, if she is really fit for you…

Her subject.
“What is your subject in your university?” or “what did you study at college?” Talking about your school and university days is always interesting. Talk about what you studied as well as friends, silly nights out, clubs you joined and the experience overall. If you are good at talking, maybe you could know her university and her subject, why she choose this subject, and you could know her characters. And you could also get her other information, her grades, her status, her favorite things, her clothing style and so on.

Everyone has their own dream, no one could hate this topic. You could ask “what is your dream” or “what do you want to be” or “what is your dream job”? Some people are working their dream job but let’s be honest, most people aren’t. You could encourage her to be herself, no matter what others say. In this way, let her respect you, it is charming for you. You will have more chance to get her heart and let her relax, and accept you.

This is a great question and a fun topic. “Have you been in touch with your best and childhood friends?” “How about your best friends?” Before asking her, you must tell her about your friends relationship, talk about your childhood and your pasting days. Then she will tell you about her. Learn to lead her to say more, you need have patience. If she does stay in touch with friends from when they were kids, it could give you a glimpse into her childhood. And she will talk about her childhood, youth, and everything about pasting times. Definitely, you could get bunchful information.

Most girls both enjoy traveling. Sharing travel stories is another juicy topic of conversation. “Do you often traveling?” “Do you like traveling?” “What is your best love city or country?” “Where do you like traveling?” You can talk about the places you’ve both visited, what you loved, and where you’d like to explore next.

There are many many topics to talk about on a first date, and there are some to discover, but there are also topics to definitely avoid. Avoid to talking about ex-, money, sex, religion, politics with her. It is not impolite to say these. Anyway, just remember you are a gentle man. Focus on caring about her, prepare topics for first date which will help you feel more confident.
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