What should be noticed about having sex with transgenders?

No matter who you are, sex is a vulnerable topic all in all. Except men, women, there are also the third one-transgender, transgender also have the right to having sex. Everyone is equal in the face of love, sex, so how should having sex with transgender? What should be noticed?

1. Say sexy words for flirting.
When you are ready to have sex with transgender people, you must forget his true gender, but focus on saying some sexy words and get flirting. Don’t show your different thoughts to them, just keep calm and be genial and gental.

2. Sex is not more than penetration.
As you know, Gay cis men tend to focus on anal sex as the base requirement of sex — many do not consider other sex acts, like oral sex, to be “sex” at all. However, for most transgenders, they have weak health, so they couldn’t have anal sex to get penetration. Like massage, rubbing, mutual masturbation, licking will be good choices.

3. Ask what kinds of touch you want honestly.
Be honest to your feelings, don’t afraid to ask. Some trans men don’t want you to play with their vaginas, others do.

4. Task some risks.
As we all know, transgenders will have the high tendency of getting HIV, STIS, and some diseases. Also addicted to them will be harmful and dangerous, but whatever, you must learn to keep your safe and then find your pleasure in this relationship.

5. Don’t focus on the past but present.
You don’t need to focus on the past, sometimes you have to cut your timeline and never look back. Past is past, forget those unpleasant things, look forward to future and enjoy now. Don’t care about who the trangender will be, don’t care about his past lives, you should learn to enjoy the present pleasure.

If you like transgender, and wanna sex with him, don’t care about their genitals, just be a foolish guy to sex with them.

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