What kind of things couldn’t do during sex with your partner?

Sex is the second life of human, if there is no sex in your whole life, then there is no funny. Sex could create intimacy bewteen you and your partner which is beneficial for your health. People who often making love both have lower stress and anxiety, but some things you need to avoid when having sex.

1. Never communicating
If you always keep quiet rather than communicating with your partner, it will be bad for you. Communication could provide you more chance to know more about each other, know what she/he feels and guide them to pleasure. It will be great for your next sex.

2. Don’t change sex positions
If you just always keep the same one position during sex, it will be boring for sex. You need to learn to try and practice different sex positions, explore more sex positions will bring you endless imagine. You will be more interested in sex, not just finish task but for love and enjoyment.

3. Don’t drink too much
As you know, alcohol is a big risk factor for ED which is a condition that makes it hard to get or keep an erection strong enough. Some men think drinking could keep longer time of erection, but remember that it’s best to curb your alcohol intake, maybe one cup of beer before sex is enough.

4. Never try new sex toys
Especially for those beginners of sex, they always avoid sex toys. Actually, there is no threaten to try them as they are just tools, giving you fresh and explored pleasure you have never enjoyed. There is a sex toy from bestvibe-10-Frequency Tongue Licking Oral Penis Vibrator Clit Massage Vibrator, especially fit for beginners and couples, easy and safe to use.

5. Never confident about your body
No matter what you are fat or slim, just be confident, never hate your body, find the best part of your body. Don’t worry about that the one who have sex with you will dislike you. You are so attractive, don’t waste time, energy, get out of those negative thoughts.

6. Don’t be so distracted
If you wanna have great sexual experiences, you must be focused on sex, avoid using phone, avoid watching porn during sex, be in the moment with your partner. Any distracted behaviour will ruin your sexual life.

7. Don’t skip the foreplay
People always miss the foreplay but directly to get the sex, but it is definitely wrong to exclude kissing, massaging and oral stimulation. These acts could help you relax and focus on sex process. Women easily prone to get wet and get orgasms, use water-based lube can keep the vagina and penis wet, which is good for sexual play.

There are also other things you can’t do during sex, like refer your ex-, ignore hygiene, shave, take an antihistamine, eat spicy food and so on. The only thing you should keep on is that express your sex bodly, and keep good habits with your partner, build a healthy sexual life.

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