What is your reason to choose abortion?

I got a new that NYC rejects federal funds for women’s health care, but use taxpayer money to support their abortion sevices. It seems mean that abortion become legal in New York, many women could have their rights to decide their baby birth, no matter in hospitals or clinics, they could also get help of abortion counselling.

Abortion becomes a sensitive topic in society, I remember an Arabic movie I had watched in May, it is a story about a 12-year-old boy Zane praised his biological parents to the judge because they gave him life but not educated him. As you know, Zane as the eldest son but need to bear the burden of family, as his parents continue to give birth, and force his sister to married to a trader, he was angry and left home. In the end of story, he killed a man as self-protection, and finally he got a good education. This story happened in Arab, many similar stories happens everyday. He is just a lucky one to get a rebirth.

Definitely, I agree with Zane, if you give birth to me but not educate me, please don’t ready to have a baby. Abortion also happens like eating, every time, every day, every country, every city. Many women say:” I choose abortion because I don’t want to put my life in danger, as around 800 women die every day of pregnancy and childbirth according to UNICEF.”

There are other reasons of not having a baby. ” I am at a key point in my career where I cannot lose my job I had strived for all my life.” “I have no money to educate a baby, and feed him, give him a good life, I can’t have him.” “I am not married, my boyfriend had abandoned me, my parents think I lose their face, I must consider about me and them.” “I don’t have time and enough money for seeing doctor, buy medicines, my husband and I both have no baby plan, it disturb our life.” “In India, it is so diffcult to find a man who can accept to married to a woman who has already born a bastard child.”

There are thousands of reasons to having baby, and not. Every women have their unknown secrets. Personally I think, and same as a woman, if you are not ready to have baby, please take care of yourself, do a good job of contraception. As abortion is bad for women health. Once you had abortion, remember to have a good rest, and ask for your friends or parents to look after you. And within 6 months, never pregrant again, and within 1 month, never having sexual life, even though using sex toys are not allowed.

Wish all women could cherish your health, bestvibe accompany with you forever.

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