What is the difference between making love and having sex?

Do you know the difference between making love and having sex? Many couples married not really because of making love but having sex, they just enjoy sex pleasure. However, if you really love
your partner, you will feel more connected to your partner. In this way, making love can be an incredible experience, with all the emotion and romance. Having sex just stand the opposite,
maybe not because of love but only sex.

1. Motivation
There have different motivation in making love and having sex, having sex means that you just wanna get an orgasm, you don’t care about the sex itself thing. But, making love means you will take delight in exploring your partner’s body, you’d love to share an intimate connection with them. Making love will take so many hours, motivation only for deepening connection and growing your love.

2. Communication
Communication is different between love and sex. If you are having sex with somebody, you might enjoy saying some dirty and flirty words. Making love is different, which can give couples the ability to be open with each other, and stregthen relationship between each other. You will share your genuine love with each other, you will get more blessful after making love, and you will change yourself by effective communication.

3. Meanings
In my opinion, sex is just a form of intimacy, a reciprocal intimacy. Someone having sex for contentment and excitement of sex life. All aim for living a better sex life, enjoy the sex river. Making love can be a truly wonderful, unique experience. You could talk about anything in love relationship, there is no boundaries.

4. Personality
When you are in sex relationship, you will wanna get more, it’s awesome to feel like some wonderful sex goddess that you may not usually feel like in “real life.” But in love, there is no one to be but myself. In fact, for making love to work between you and your partner (with openness and emotional vulnerability), you have to be 100%, completely yourself. But that is ok, your pleasure are your own.

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