What is the best time of having your sex and orgasms?

Do you know what is the best day of having sex in a week? What the sex mean to you in general? Some people said that Monday is the best day, some said that Saturday, most people said that
Sunday will be a good decision.

I must acknowledge that Fridays and Saturdays are the best choice, but Sunday will be your inner deisres. It has shown that Sunday sex is by far the best. You have more time to do your things, if you don’t like the morning quickie, you could choose to love at night. Sunday is your week time, you have more time to have a rest, and you will be satisfied when you get more.

Enough Time
Usually you will have 2 days off on weekend, unless you’re working, the seventh day of the week tends to be the least busy. In other hands, it means you will have more time for sex. More than 24 hours you will have, you could enjoy your flourish sex time.

Get ready to prepare it
It is your pre-planning sex time, pre-planning sex might sound boring, but it’s a surefire way to make sure you’re actually, you know, doing it. You could prepare it for a sexy time. Sunday is the last day of week but the second day of your rest time. You could do anything which will spice things up.

What could you do?
You could see a sex porn with your partner in this sexy tonight, you don’t need to think about the night. As you know, sex is free and fun, you could spend as much time on it as you want. Join the sex party, or saying some sweet words. It is always good for you to be prepared.

You could have more on Sunday
You could get free from both work and socializing, it’s a perfect day. We are not anymore talking about the sleeping, and other boring things, we will talk about sex. Sex will bring orgasms, which will be your stress-reliever. You will not feel afraid, just conquer everything in the future.

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