What is OM and how to get OM on Christmas Holiday?

Have you heard of orgasmic meditation? OM is a wellness practice that combines mindfulness with the power of the deeply human, deeply felt experience of Orgasm. OM connect your body
with your sexuality. Different people has different opinions about it, someone said OM has added more energy and passion to their life, others say it make their desire come alive. Actually OM is a
terrific way to relieve anxiety and mental tension, it also help you relax, reduce stress and release mental barriers.

How to meditate your way to orgasm?
1. Practice deep breathing for several minutes.
Slowing your breath, and focus on your brain, let it become clearer. You will feel the belly expand and contract.

2. Sit upright in a chair.
Sit upright in a chair, your forearms can rest on your thighs with your hands facing up in a receptive relaxed position. Then you could close your eyes and relax, allow your chest to open up.

3. Remain still and quiet.
Breath deeply and slowly, filling your abdomen more so than your chest. Gently release the breath, slowly out through the nose, contracting your abdomen to totally empty out all of the air, releasing tension and resistance with each exhale.

4. Ask your questions.
Be honest to yourself, learn to ask your questions, are you stressed out? Are you sad? Are you energized? Are you worried? Always be honest to yourself, get truly yourself.

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