What is masturbation cup?

As masturbation cup become a hot topic nowdays such as the masturbation cup market report is dicussing in the industry. If you are manufacturer or masturbation cup lover, i think you maybe notice that a report on “Masturbation Cup Market Forecast to 2025”. The Masturbation Cup Market is a competitive market. But do you know what is masturbation cup and how to use it properly?

The masturbation cup belongs to the male portable sex toy. Under the pressure of modern society, relieve male desires. Do not discriminate against the use of aircraft cups, but do not blindly exaggerate the role of aircraft cups. There is no effect of health care thickening, just like masturbation to ease personal desires, so please use it carefully.

Masturbation cups are usually made of soft synthetic resin or silicone. The cheaper masturbation cups are usually made of sponge. According to the shape, the masturbation cup can be divided into a through shape and a non-through shape. The main difference is whether the tail end is closed.

Silicone material makes the masturbation cup contain no sponge filler and no odor; the meat is thick and full, providing a smooth skin touch experience; the inner wall design of the real person’s mold, the tight passage gives you a sense of infinite pleasure; easy to clean eco-friendly design for re-use.

Material: Medical silicone+non-toxic ABS
Net weight: 387.5g
Size: 17.2*3.2mm
Vibration mode: 9 modes+7 sucking modes+2 temperature adjustment
Charging: usb charging
Waterproof: IPX7
Noise: <50db
Color: grayish white

1. Carefully remove the packaging film along the dotted line and open the rotating twist cover.
2. Apply the lubricating fluid evenly to the inside and the front of the cup.
3. Carefully insert and use the appropriate force to insert and enjoy.

A. Water rinse: open the entrance slightly, open the faucet, let the flowing water
poured into the mold until the water overflows from the mold, allowing the flowing water to automatically flush out the dirt inside.
B. Apply shower gel: apply shower gel or soap to clean the inner wall and the outside. Rinse repeatedly with your hands.
C. Wipe clean: after rinsing clean, use a dry cloth to stretch into the mold to wipe clean, do not wipe with a paper towel, otherwise, it could breed bacteria.
D. Spray disinfectant: Finally, spray the special toy disinfectant inward, and let it stand for about 1 minute. Then use a dry towel to reach into the mold and wipe the cleaning and use disinfectant.

1. It should be placed in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and away from the reach of children.
2. It should be stored in a clean environment and placed separately from other material toys.

So if you are beginner of masturbation cup, please learn to know it and how to use it. Proper usage could bring you more fantasy!

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