What do you must know when choose sex toy as a gift on Christmas Day?

Christmas Day is coming soon, so many gifts from electronics product including high definition 4K TVs, iphoneX to earphones. They both will be stuffed into stockings. However there are little people will send the sex toy. However, in the 21th century, sex toys are getting more popular in our daily life, it could become a gift in special day, like Thanksgiving day, Valentine’s day, Anniversaries, especially for the near Christmas!

So before sending the gift to your friends, what do you need to know?
1. Material
Yes, this is so important for choosing sex toys. Choose safe material is the vital point, safe and soft silicone, non-toxic ABS material. Of course, it must be waterproof, which fit for water fun play and tease.

2. Size
You must know more about the size, different people fit for different size. If you don’t know about your friend’s size, you’d better choose small size, especially for beginners, after all, smaller toys are much less intimidating. They’re also easier to use safely until the person gets the hang of things. 7 Powerful Vibration Textured Head Clitorial Finger-Vibrator from Bestvibe definitely fit for beginners.

3. Aesthetics
People who have different characters has different opinions about sex toys. Someone like simple design, pure black or white color, someone enjoy loving animal prints, there are others love discreet design like lipstick or tubes of mascara.

4. Function or stimulation
Different toys has different functions, clit vibrating, nipples stimulating, penis enlargement… So before sending a gift, you must know more what kinds of function your friends will like.
This male sex toys 10 Frequencies Elastic Transparent Blow Job Vibrating Masturbator is so popular in Bestvibe. 3D masturbator cup with 10 powerful vibrations, deep and strong sucking and 3 Dependent Button for More Humanized Use.

5. Price
There are also have someone will care about the price, as you know, most sex toys like masturbation cups will be so expensive, realistic masturbators, sex dolls also are of high price. You can decide to send different price toys to different friends. This $36.99 5 Speeds Voice Interation Oral Sex Heating Masturbators can be a gift for couples, with considerable price and easy control, it is also popular in Bestvibe.

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