What dating apps fit for your August?

If you are single or lost in love now, how to find your love quickly? There are some methods, maybe you could ask your family members or friends to introduce one for you, often ask if there are singles around them. The second, go to clubs, join some activities, friend’s birthday party or wedding. Then, you coould also by learning, having classes and become group member, then you will have the great chance to get touch in with many excellent people. Ways of knowing people are endless, but I just wanna tell you to using dating apps if you are introvert or are not good at communicating. Here are some dating apps to follow up.

1. Bumble
Bumble is created by one of the founders of Tinder, which is designed for women. Only women have the power to start conversations. If you are looking for same-sex, this app will be a good choice for women. The interface is very cool and perfect, which makes swiping super easy, you could find someone who fits for you by adding some things like height, religion, political preferences and location. You also could send messages to him, text in this app.

2. Tinder
Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps, you’re more probably to come across someone you like in a short time. This app have age limit, you must be older than 18. You could get other’s photo, name, age. Swipe right means like, left then dislike, if you and another one both swip right, then you two could send message to each other. Remember that, this swipes are not endless, you will pay for every month. But this app really could help you to find one who nearby you, if you are traditional and conservative, you’d better try this!

3. The league
This is an unique app that need become membership and get invitation, not like Raya, you need cost $349 one year, 6 month $33. A little expensive but funny. Designed beautifully, nice features, makes it easy to see what type of person you would possibly go on a date with, lots of extra features. If you don’t want resigter an independent account, you could use your facebook and linkedin account.

4. Raya
This app is not like league, it is cheaper, just pay memebership fee $8, you could use it. Remember that you need to complete an application and have a referral from a current member at first. Then being evaluated also need take several weeks or several months, in this process you need be patient. Raya has a strict code of conduct, you will find members tend to be more respectful of others. The application process is very rigorous, once you’re lucky enough to get accepted, you could match with a celebrity and get some privacy.

5. Her
Yes, this is fit for women like Bumble, from lesbians to queers, bois, to femmes, trans to fluid, and everyone in between. If you are interested in finding girlfriend, you could find one from this app.

6. Okcupid
Like Raya, this app also need your profile at first. You could link to your facebook and instgram account which could make yourself reliable. You also could choose like or message people in a similar way to Tinder. Terribly speaking, anyone could message you, even if you don’t reply to them, they will just keeping message.

Not far from this, there are still versatile dating apps to use, seriously, if online dating is positive for making the world better, making dating more effective, and helping you to find partner quickly? There is no standard unswer, just learn to keep yourself safe, and listening suggestions from your friends. Wish all of you will find your life-long partner in this August!

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