What Could be Eaten Before Sex?

We had discussed the topic about what should to eat when sex or good for sex life. Eating foods like fruit, vegetables, nut will be good for your health. Whether you are playing with yourself
or with a lover, these foods will delight your partner.

The only secret of choosing food is to keep healthy, fresh, tasty and handy. However, before sex, you should better make a shopping list of foods: Chocolate, fruit, honey or ice cream, fresh fruit.
They are all delicious, give you lots of energy, and are fun to play around with.

So how to get roll?
1. The first step you should gather all the foods you wanna eat, light candles and play the sounding and soft music.
2. Next, relax yourself and invite your partner, do not need to do anything but only enjoy the pleasure.
3. Choose one food like chocolate, tease them by touching their lips, suck or bite into it.
4. Put some honey, fruit or wet food on their nipples, clits, or some sensitive areas, then lick it off.
You could only just follow yourself and there are no boundaries to explore.
5. Get slowly foreplay, longer time, arouse them. Praise them and their lust.

Fruit and chocolate both including water, sugar, and certain nutrients which support you stronger and longer erections. If you eat these, you will get a different experience, and get advanced
sexual skills and tips.

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