These Relationships Knowledge You Must Know

1. Communication is necessary in love relationship, usually have it 2-3 times a week.
2. You should learn to manage your feelings, angry, happy, or depressing, anyway, you are the owner of yourself.
3. Relationships especially for love, require routine maintenance, just like your hair need cut.
4. Sex will matters something, there is no marriage without sex, love need sex in deed.
5. If you don’t know how to kiss, then you must learn it actually. Kissing will make people feel better and enjoy more than usual.
6. Intimacy and sex are two different things, that sometimes intersect.
7. Everyone has their own secrets, don’t tell everything to your partner, you should protect your privacy.
8. If you lose Mystery in your life, then you might found that you will easily be unattracted by your partner.
9. Sometimes you should believe the feelings, but sometimes, you shouldn’t, feelings may not be facts.
10. Love is largely biological.
11. Learn to deny social media in your free time, it can actually ruin your relationship fast.
13. Everymorning say hello or smile will help to strengthen your relationship, which seen as romantic.
14. Without respect, there is no love — period.
15. Never compare your last relationship to your current one.
16. Be independent, never only rely on your partner, you must learn to how to make more money and save money. Men are not loyal all the time, they will change.
17. No matter why your last relationship ended, there is a piece that you must own. Accountability is everything.
18. When you take care of yourself, you are taking care of your partner.
19. Don’t ever stop flirting with each other.
20. Improve your sex skills is necessary which will help you to know more about each other, and have a healthy life.
21. You are not allowed to say something bad when you get angry, words will hurt if you don’t know how to say and what to say.
22. Respect that everyone is different, disagreement are also healthy.
23. Don’t care about small things, people who only focus on details will not be happy in life.
24. Don’t ask what he can do for you, ask what you can do for him.
25. Share anything you think is wonderful, food, new things, country, or coffee.

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