The history and maintain ways of vibrators

Nowdays many manufacturers both enter into adult toy market, they sell sex toys. However, as our definition of gender widens beyond just male and female, our sex toys need to do the same.

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It is time to back to the history of the vibrator. Vibrators were first released for public consumption in the late 1800s, but until the mid-20th century, remained a medical device. This made women to buy them for family, instead of having to see a doctor for “hysteria treatment.” Big-name household appliance manufacturers even started marketing the products as a way to relieve headaches, aching muscles, and even provide you glowing skin.

When the devices made their film debut in the 1920s, vibrators went from medical devices to something too provocative to acknowledge. In reaction to the outlandishness of it all (as well as many other prejudices), the 1960s and ‘70s women’s liberation movement brought a wave of sexual freedom, feminism, and vibrators for masturbation. Finally, pleasure became the basis for the use of sex toys and in the late 1970s, the first sex toy shop opened to sell these devices exclusively.

So nowadays, vibrators become a hot topic and necessity in our daily life. But how to keep them well? There are ways:
1. Clean your vibrators before and after every use, and store it in a dry place.
2. Use oil-based and water-based lubricants with vibrators, never use silicone-based lube.
3. Don’t use your vibrators when there are out of electricity.
4. Keep your toys in a discreet place, don’t let children find and use them.
5. Never share your toys with anyone when taking no proper precautions.
6. Remember to read the instructions before using.

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