The causes of vagina pain

Most women will suffer vagina pain, it is a usual symptom that you need to face. So do you know what will cause vagina pain?

Vagina dryness
The most factor of vagina pain is that your vaginal dryness, especially when having sex with your partner, your vaginas can split and tear which will bring you extreme vaginal dryness atrophy. In your late 30-40 years old, vaginal dryness tends to be a big problem for women, which will influence your sex life in a terrible way. So if you really want to change it, please refer to this article- How to avoid vaginal dryness problems?

Women will have a period every month for lasting 7-10 days. In the process, you will get a different kind of pain as well-vaginal pain and discomfort.

STDs-Sexually transmitted diseases, a sexually transmitted virus that will causes breakouts of lesions on or around your vagina. It can also both trigger pelvic or lower abdominal pain as well as a burning sensation during urination. STDs could be cured, adopt medical curement, and ask for help from your doctor. Refer to- Do you know STIs?

A fibroid is a noncancerous growth in the uterus. A woman will have one or more, it will growing up, and with its growth, it may cause chronic pelvic pain. Fibroids can also can trigger dull or sharp pain during sex, particularly if the fibroid is growing near the cervix or upper end of the vagina. Especially during your period, you will get more serious pain.

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