Thanksgiving Day Sex Tips

Thanksgiving day is around the corner, it is the good opportunity to sex with your lover, express your deeply love. But meanwhile there are also some delicious food to share with your friends or
family to affect your sex drive. Turkey is the main meal in this special day, and rich desserts, too many pieces of pie, cookies,and cakes, these food will reduce blood flow to the genitals, thus in effect blocking the libido. As you know, excessive consumption of sugar will inhibits sex drive. So how to prevent and getting a good sex tonight in this day?

Secret tips:
Get away from drink
Avoid too much drinking, alcohol, which compound all of the negative effects felt when you consume too much sugar, carbohydrates and calories. Instead of alcohol, drinking more water or milk. Milk will make your semen taste delicious.

Pace yourself
If you eat nothing, you will feel so hungry and have a terrible result, it’s not wise to eat nothing. Wisely behaviours are eating food slowly and carefully, 5-8 meals one day but in different time and
eating less. In short words, longer your eating time.

Move yourself
You could exercise like walking, moving yourself, don’t stay at a place like sofa, especially after your dinner. Research had showned that walking or running will make your blood pumping and
kick your metabolism into gear, you’ll feel lighter as your body works off the food it was just stuffed with and your sex drive will restore.

Sleep well
The most important thing is that keeping enough sleep. Usually sleeping 7-9 hours before thansgiving day is better for sex. Little notice that they lack enough sleep and therefore their body lack energy.

Thanksgiving day is the best chance to express your love in any ways. You could say love to your partner face to face, or texting, or making a meal to celebrate your love. So just grasp the chance, and learn these tips to make you stronger in sex. If you wanna use sex toys to enjoy pleasure, then click here.

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