Talk sex in 2020

We live in a world full of love, friendship, sex, we don’t know how much sex we should have on earth. Most people wanna know more about sex, when to have sex and where to have sex, how many times one day for having sex. Besides, how important for having sex, and how to make sex more pleasure after marriage? How to maintain a long-term relationship?

What is the sex meaning?
Sex have different definitions, for fun, for teasing, for happiness, for desire, or… Different people has different opinions on sex, some think sex is only for the next generation, some think sex-finish
the task, others think sex-for relieve pressure. But positively I think, sex is another life source of mine. It is a necessity, we should cherish sex like our life.

Sex desire
Sex desires always happened in a relationship. However, is that marital satisfaction is not simply a function of sexual frequency. In fact, married couples are looking at the quality of their sexual interaction and not just the quantity. The question about sexual frequency typically comes when one partner is less satisfied with the amount of sex they are having. Sex desire will decline when you are getting older.

How to improve sex life?
If you meet some troubles in sex life, you wanna try some ways to change it and get some challenges, there are steps you can take. For one, assess your relationship outside of the bedroom. Are you achieving intimacy there? Both physical and emotional intimacy are imperative to your connection. Whatever your love language, whether it be one-on-one time, gifts, kind acts, or kind words, nurture it. If your only love language is sex, you need to work on this.

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