Talk about penis on January 2020

Today, we will talk about male penis, as someone ask me how to know more about his penis size? If you are not married yet, this question must be so important for your future sex life. As large
penis will spice you up, and get orgams quickly, you will get a happy and blissful sex life.

There are general ways to find but not definitely right:
1. Big hands, big feet, big penis size.
Scientific surveys had shown that the larger these parts of the larger body must be the penis.
2. Big nose, big penis.
This is an old belief, but it relates the size of the nose of a man by the size of their penis in some certain ways. Thus it is said that man with a prominent nose are well endowed.
3. Hand size and length.
If your husband has large hand size and longer fingers. How much longer are these longer fingers will be the penis.
4. How he sit.
You could get his penis size by knowing the way he sit. If he sit with his feet together and knees apart need to measure the distance between them and divide by two. The result will give about penis size.
5. Use calipers and a thin tape.
This behaviour will be used within couples. Place your penis in the calipers, close it and make note of its circumference. Do the same when penis is erect. Then you will get its size.

There are other ways to know more about your penis size, so what is the average penis size?
Statistically speaking, the average penis size of an erect penis is 5.16 inches (13.12 cm).

Will the penis size influence on sexual life?
Not really, but for most people, it will have a bad effect.

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