Talk about asexuality, how to treat it correctly?

Asexuality is usual in people’s life. Asexual means you have a sexual orientation which lacks of sexual attraction towards any gender.

So how to know if you are asexual?
There have no certain tests to know if you are asexual but maybe you could ask yourself:
Is sex vital to me?
If I am attracted by sex?
What is my opinion towards sex?
Am I really enjoy sex and does gender factor in?
The last, you could also join some asexual groups, share your stories with them, it will help you find more answers.

How to recognize asexuality correctly?
1. You are not alone, you should ask help from your doctor.
If you are asexual, please remember that you are not alone, you could ask help from people who had got specifically training. They will help you to deal with, manage these feelings.
2. You could have sex.
You could get intimate with your lover, you may not attracted with sex but sex people. You could make your lover enjoy the pleasure even that you couldn’t feel.
3. Get orgams.
Yes, for most asexual people, 70% of them still have orgasms. Someone who is asexual might even masturbate to help get orgasms. It will help to let off steam, reduce stress, even get rid of headache.
4. Asexuality is not cured.
Asexuality is not like the medical condition, different from having a low libido.
5. Asexuality could have marriage.
Asexual people might not abstain from sex at all, they will accept it. Unlike the celibacy, asexual people will not give up sex life and marriage, they have the authority to continue pursue their happiness.

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