Sexual afterglow-meanings and benefits

Have you ever heard of sexual afterglow? Sexual afterglow is the feeling after an orgasm. It is the warm, fuzzy feeling that engulfs you post-coitus. Researches shows that afterglow is not only real, but can last up to 48 hours after sexual intercourse, and this influences pair bonding. Sexual afterglow is also a good way to weight your marriage. It shows that couples who experienced a strong afterglow had a stronger and more satisfied marriage.

What benefits of sexual afterglow?
Bigger boobs
Sexual action pings your nipples to stand up straight, it can also cause the tissue in your breasts to swell, leading to the appearance of a larger chest.

Beautiful skin
Sexual action also promotes a surge in estrogen, which enhances skin elasticity and collagen production. In other words, your skin will get more glowing and fewer wrinkles.

Flushed cheeks
Sexual action increasing circulation and dilating blood vessels throughout your body. You will feel so fit, you are in the best shape after sex.

Sex drive
It is expecially for your sex drive, sex bonds couples and creates a closeness through afterglow. Sexual encounters can contribute to our well-being for two days afterward.

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