Sex with Spirit&Health&Body Relationship

Sex is the most interesting topic, we always notice popular culture overflows with sex, from advertising to news, from cinema to cafe office, sex represents one of the most intimate forms of human connection. Sex has its long story, let’s explore it!

In western Bible, it celebrates the mutual yearning of two lovers, each of whom waxes erotically on the other’s charms and the sexual intimacy they enjoy. In Christian traditions, sex is seen as
an earythly sign of a higher union.

Health has a vital role in sex relationship, most people will infected sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, HPV. Sex enables each human being to participate in the perpetuation of
the species. If you don’t mind it, you are easily to get diseases. Remember to adopt some safe measures between a new sex relationship.

Every women will experience reproduction, it seems a puzzle at first glance. Although reproduction will change your body shape and size, it increases the probability of environmental changes.

Sex in a certain degree, will change your appearance. Those people who always have sex in daily life will more easier to be happier than not, a good mood will influence on your appearance. It make you looks so good. Couples who sex 3-4 times a week will feel more happy and blessed. They usually keep a positive attitude towards life.

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