Sex Trafficking Get Usual All Over The World

Sex trafficking exists all over the world, it could take any forms, wherever you go, you could touch the sex trafficking. Many people do this business on their own willingness, others not. There are millions of people are cheated by people to do this illicit business.

In America, there are full of many illegal massage industry. Especially in the spas, full of human trafficking traps. So what do you know about sex trafficking?
1. What is sex trafficking?
Sex trafficking usually occurs when someone use force, fraud to cause a commerical sex act with an adult. Including prostitution, sexual act in exchange for money, drugs, or others.

2. There are more than 4 million victims.
It has shown that there are more than 4 million victims all over the world.

3. Most people are women and girls.
There are about 99% sex trafficking victims are women and girls. About 1% victims are men, boys, trans, intersex and nonbinary individuals. It seems that women are the vulnerable groups. They have lower social status since ocient days.

4. There are more than 9000 illicit spas in the U.S.
The illicit amount of spas has been growing all the time. In the U.S. you could always see the illegal spas, and there are full of any kinds of profit.

5. Profits are the highest in developed countries.
There are richful activities in developed countries, they could earn more money by push these victims to have sexual acts with different men. People who could have this sex behaviour usually have higher revenue.

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