Sex better after exercising than normal sex

As the recent study shows that sex seems will be better after exercising, workout sex will be especially hot, which has many benefits, bring advantages to your sex life.

Exercise will increase energy and endurance
No matter what anaerobic or aerobic exercises, you will have more energy to have sex. It will give you more flexibility of your body and muscle elongation. As you know, if you
are energetic, you will not feel tired, you are more motivated to put effort into sex.

You will get better blood flow
Blood flow means you will get more pleasurable sex, you are easily to get more intense orgasms for women, longer stronger erections for men. Especially when you are married and have babies, you need the extra circulation to flow to your genital areas.

Exercise help you to reduce stress
Exercise, in a certain degree, will help you to reduce stress, relieve yourself, it can help improve overall satisfaction. If you feel stressed, it’s harder to achieve orgasms, harder to get a healthy sex.

Exercise will releases good hormones
After exercising, your body will releases endorphins and hormones, you will be satisfied if you and your partner share exercises together. Sex will be seen as a good thing therefore.

Exercise will build your confidence
Exercising will boost your self-esteem, making you more comfortable, more freedom to having sex. In other ways, it also increase your sex desires, makes the sex better.

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