Learn more about him/her, ask these questions

How to know more about your partner as you had so short time to stay together. Do you know how to make it more humorous for asking his/her questions? Here are the questions games you must learned! The game is pretty simple and straightforward. But do you really know what it really is and how to play it well? Here are the anwers.

Ask questions:
The first step is you must ask gently, and make people feel comfortable. About 1 month you love in each other, talk about
1. Do you like sexting? Have you ever done it?
2. What is your opinion about sex life?
3. Is this your first time to fall in love or …? (remember to smile)
4. What is your greatest sexual fantasy?
5. How many heterosexual friend do you have?
6. Do you enjoy talking dirty or naughty?
7. How many sex positions had you ever tried? Which is your favourite one?
8. When did you lose your virginity? Why?
9. Do you open to talk any sex topics?
10. Are you usually wear sexy dresses?
11. Do you often go to nighclub?
12. Have you ever raped by others?
13. If I like dirty talks and texts, will you accompany with me?
14. Have you ever tried sex toys? What kind of them do you like best?
15. What things about sex are you afraid of?
16. What’s your opinion about your kissing abilities?
17. What happened on your first date?
18. Have you ever cheated by others about emotion, money?
19. What are the top 5 things after your marriage?
20. Do you like watch porn when having sex?

There are many questions worth to try, but remember this is just game, remember to take care of it. Don’t ruin your relationship.

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