International Male Chastity Day and Proper Toys

World Male Chastity Day usually happens on January 14th before Valentine’s Day-2/14. This will be an ideal day to celebrate in couples. Stay chaste and give up the control to the other will be for the man an offering, in the respect of the rules imposed explicitly as a condition of liberation.

International Male Chastity Day aim to ask men to close their chastity device and offer the keys to their partner. It means that men deliberately abstain from sexual intercourse or all types of sexual activity. Usually male chastity will spice up sexual life in couples. No matter practice it for religious or moral reasons, may help encourage men to pay attention to the needs of their partners instead of concentrating on their own pleasure. Thus, keep chastity will help to spice up sex life in the short term.

The last, so what toys could be used in this special day?
Breathable Penis Locking Jail With Lock And Key
This penis locker could help you to delay ejaculation.

Quyue Penis Sleeve Delayed Ejaculation
This recharging penis sleeve delayed ejaculation has 10 vibrating modes, locking your sperm, delaying ejaculation, erection extension. 2 sizes to choose, locking your sperm, delaying ejaculation, erection extension.

10 Colorful Indicators USB Rechargeable Luxury Penis Ejaculation Vibrating Cock Ring
Make sex better with your partner by adding the 10 colorful indicators USB rechargeable luxury vibrating cock ring to your routine! Rechargeable luxury vibrating cock ring for couples; Features a sleek design with subtle “”ears”” that stimulate your partner’s outer sweet spots during sex.

2 In 1 Vacuum Pump For Penis Stimulation And Enhancement Training
The functions of powerful sucking bring you unique excitement, so your passion is instantly triggered. The stroker is transparent and you can see your penis through it. The cylinder has a memory that allows you to see the change in size, making it easy to visually feel the growth of the penis.

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