If Penis Size Matter?

Does penis size really matter your sexual level? Do you know how many things about penis size? Penis should be long, thick or hard? Penis size-whether it is a big problem or not?

However most people think the penis size has a great relationship with sexual life. We live in this culture which men should have long, hard, thick size. So how many things about penis size
do you know in earth?

If I can increase the size of penis even if I get older?
It is difficult to say that as penis size vary from one man to another, one country to another. Penis size could be increased by getting some medical curement in general. Of course, it also could be increased by keep on using male enhancement toys or penis pump everyday.

What is the average penis size?
An average penis size length of 3.5 inches when soft. An average penis size length of 12.9 cm when erect. Besides, penis size has no relationship with his age.

Penis size will have bad effects on sex life?
It is not the penis size will influence on your sex life but its hardness. Penis size isn’t that critical to sexual pleasure. If you wanna your partner enjoy sexual life, then you must keep your penis hard. In stead, you could try dildos.

When penis will stop growing?
When you grow up, means you are over 20 years old, it is common for penis size to remain similar for the rest of a man’s life. But different people have different growth. That is an extra example.

Penis size influence your pleasure.
We noticed that someone who have crooked penis, if expecially long, it definitely will take the pleasure off. Long size penis will cause pain while hitting the cervix.

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