If men have strong sex mood than women, yes or no?

It seems that men are always being in the mood for sex, men have strong sex desires in people’s mind. So if this is right or not? Let’s explore it from opinions of what will affect your sex mood and how to find more holistic ways of rediscovering your sex drive.

The factors that affect sex mood:
1. Lack sleep extremely-People will have weak sex mood when they are lack of enough sleep, they have no extra energy to do anything.
2. Work and life stress-Men undertaken more pressure from society and family as most women stay at home and have no job after marriage in American. So when they are not relax, they have no deisres to having sex.
3. Mental overstimulation-If you had watched so many porns, it will affect your erection quality and decrease the amount of pleasure.
4. Healthy diet-If you had too much junk food, it couldn’t provide you enough nutrients, so you will get weak, but you will get strong when you are richful in your diet.
5. There are other factors will influence sex mood, fitness, anxiety, exhaustion…

How to get strong sex drive?
1. Try sex toys-As you know, sex toys could add a new dimension in people’s sexual life. Choose sex toys fit for couples use, it will add a little boost to your sex life. Men usually will have a strong sex mood when his penis get high-quality erection, so penis vibrator and masturbation cup will be good decisions. You could get them from Bestvibe new sex toys.

2. Get intimate-It means men will be attracted by intimate behaviours before having sex. If a woman use sex tips to have intimate relationship with a man, the man usually will get immersed into it.

3. Watch porn together-Porn can absolutely be part of a healthy sex life. However this will not be a long-term choice, if you find that your sex drive is decreasing.

So, no matter man or woman, the state of sex mood depends on many factors, the opinion of men usually have strong sex mood than women is wrong.

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