How to talk sex to your children correctly?

If you will become a mother or father, you will face load of burdens, like money, time, children education, health, and morever, you will always feel anxious, always think that they will meet any troubles. Speak honestly, search show that sex education seems vital in daily life, 80% kids had ever suffer sexual assault. Nothing is important but sexual health and mental health for children, as parents, the only thing can be done is helping them know more about sex, and keep them safe.

Conversations about sex can be a part of the safety conversations you’re already having, if you don’t know how and where to start, then start conversation when they are young is the key.
1. Teach them learn more about their body parts. You could make them to describe their body parts, and express concerns about those body parts. Then tell them what functions of every parts.
2. Behave yourself, actions speak louder than words. As parents, you should keep a safe and healthy relationship, never having sex with partner when children at home. Children are likely to copy, practice anything they see around them. So please be aware of your behaviour that your child witness.
3. Watch video about sexual assault with them together. By watching this, let them know how to keep them safe, and how to avoid any terrible things happens to them. Most importantly, obtain enough knowledge.
4. Actively to reply to their questions. Children always enjoy asking different questions when they feel confused, it is a good thing as they trust you and respect you. Never reject to kids, keep your answers short and simple, and explain what they couldn’t understand. Encourage them to ask questions, and speak their minds. The more they ask, the more information about them you will get.
5. Share. Share every story and details in their life would be better than not. You should develop good relationship with them, be their friends, know more friends around them, if there are any threaten to them.

Ways to keep kids safe
1. Don’t allow them to stay alone without adults present, know exactly who they’ll be with and where they’re going.
2. Especially knoe your kid’s friends’ parents, anyone will be a threaten.
3. Cultivate their interests, music, sports, drawing, writing, join school clubs, let more people know them.
4. Avoid kids going out for dating on nights or hanging out with young adults.
5. Don’t dress your kids looks so charming and beautiful.
6. Send them to shool and get them back home when they are young.
7. Give them a watch with telephoning function, put into your telephone number, and always keep you on line.

The last but not least, you should choose 2-3 sex toys, tell them what they are, and should get away from them at younger age. Store your sex toys in a secret place, get out of children’s hands.

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