How to show your love on Tuesday(if you miss Valentine’s Day)?

Valentine’s day has gone, but love will not gone. Whether you are tired of work, or just wanna relax yourself, as you know, there must have some things could do to help to stregthen your relationship. If you miss Valentine’s chocolates, miss Valentine’s flowers, candies, then you must do other things to compensate it. There are some inexpensive but meaningful tips to show your honest love and affection to her.

1. Plan a surprise dinner! After your finish your busy work, you could go to restaurant or make delicious food by yourself. Tuesday is the second day of one week, and it is the beginning of your love. After dinner, you could see a movie of love topic with her.

2. Prepare a sexy lingerie for her. As you know, if you are tired, you are easily to attracted by beautiful women, especially a woman dressed in sexy lingerie. It could not only drive your sexual desires, but also improve your life quality.

3. Send her favorite perfume as daily gift. 80% women like perfume like lipsticks, they enjoy using it whenever at home or outside. They enjoy sharing it with their friends, and show off herself.

4. Take a shower together. You could massage each other by taking a shower, touching, kissing, and even having an exciting sex in the shower. Enjoy it when you have no enough time to do it in the working time.

5. Doing morning exercises together. Sit down to think that how long you had no exercises? No intimate touching since having child? No strongly affection since 7 years marriage? Exercising will let you free, and relax easily.

6. Choose a sex toy. There are all kinds of sex toys with different functions. Anal vibrators fit for couples use together, clit vibrator, rabbit vibrator, vagina stimulator. Masturbation cups fit for male use. You could let her get an orgasms easily and quickly. Maybe an erogonimic and adjustable size vibrator could satisfy her.

So don’t worry you just miss Valentine’s day, everyday is Valentine’s day. Just follow these tips, show your love on usual Tuesday!
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