How to save your relationship with your best lover?

Relationship is never being said so easy in our lives, no matter what female and male. Every relationship has its quirks and perks. Sometimes guys always give up when it comes to fixing their relationship. It depends on your attitude. Bad relationship lies in work, family, social life, fights, arguments and frustration. If you really wanna fix your relationship, you could follow me.

Apologize to her.
Firstly when meeting problems, you must give her apologize, never save your words. Be convinced yourself that you really want her back in life and put in words for her. As you know a genuine apology conquer everything, if she doesn’t accept that, never threaten her or beg her, just waiting for her.

Reflect on yourself.
Always ask yourself if I am wrong and what my behaviour harm to her? And most importantly you need to analyze your behaviour. Guys are sweet and polite when first dating with girls, when the relationship is just new and blooming. But eventually they lose interest or just start taking things for granted, which annoys the girl ultimately. Ask for help to your best friend, maybe he will help you to find where you are wrong, and how to solve them correctly.

Get to know and understand her better.
Most guys always fail to do is listen and understand, never understand what makes her happy or not, and what makes her so annoyed and angry. Guys, if you really love her, please listen and understand her, sometimes girls just want you to listen to them and give her a shoulder, give her a warm hug. You don’t need to say so much, but act like she is your everything, girls will be so appreciated and complimented.

Create romance for her.
Brave to express your love to her, in special days, give her surprise, send her flowers or gift, let her feel warm. You know, along with a little intimacy, a girl always craves for emotional support or trust. She just wanna wish a one could be able to share her joys and sorrows, her comforts and discomforts. Add a little intimacy play a role in forming a strong foundation of a long trusted relationship.

Learn to respect to her.
It is the secret to saving your relationship to learn to respect to her. No one is perfect, everyone has defects, you need to respect to her before you know her defects. If you didn’t love each other, you wouldn’t be willing to improve anything, change anything or make any compromises. If you love her, often accompany to her and give her respect, from your inner heart.

It takes two to make or break a relationship, rather than one. Remember that girls only wanna safety, trust, intimacy and no arguments. No one wanna live in a bad environment like arguing everyday, no trust, no intimacy, lack of safety.

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