How to save your marriage and keep in a good relationship?

As the affair is so popular in marriage, especially for those couples who had spended time together more than 20 years. No matter husband or wife, they both have the great chance to have an affair. It shows that men have bigger incentives to sex, strong desire to sex with beautiful women, they usually complain that their wives breast, vagina, and everthing sensitive area. It is common fading between women quicker than men, especially after giving birth to 3-4 children. So how to save your marriage?

Maintain a good relationship in marriage need skills, learning these skills and knowing when to use them are crucial to get a good marriage.
Admire and appreciation
You should learn to respect, admire, appreciate your partner, recognize how hard he/she is working. Share routine with your partner, cleaning, cooking. Appreciate your partner in special days like Thanksgiving day, Valentine’s day.

Avoiding arguments
Never fight with your partner even if you are so angry, control yourself and keep peaceful. Argument pisses people off and makes you seem like a boorish, insensitive, impatient partner. Argument will ruin your emotion, and broken your relationship. Keep calm and don’t think about what you’re going to say next and just listen.

Flirting and sex
Foreplay before sex and certain flirting is necessary in couples daily life. flirting is about taking the focus of yourself and onto your partner. One of the easiest ways to knock this down: Practice the posture of interest, says Francis. Maintain eye contact, smile, let your spouse talk without interrupting them, lean in, and listen to what they say. Sex with your partner 3-4 times a week, sex toys will gonna help.

Set goals
Speak out your minds and goals of the family. Always communicate with your partner about what goals next month, next year. What you can do for the aim? Don’t have any doubts, just communicate clearly with he/her, make contributions to the family and you will experience more.

Setting boundaries
Happy marriages thrive on boundaries. Manage rules containing smoking, drinking, dating. Especially avoid getting home late, no rules, no future. Rules should be existed in friends, family members, in-laws. And for wives, you also should limit using money, if you don’t have the habit to save money, then how to live a better life? How to create a good environment for your child?

Cultivate interests
In marriage, never immerse yourself in it, just go out and avoid becoming houswife. Taking time to cultivate your personal interests, know more friends. Broaden your friend circles, learning new skills, music, drawing, skating, instrument, exercising, etc. No one will deny the one always getting better!

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