How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy in a Relationship?

For most men, it is your duty to make your girlfriend happy, if she also loves you, you have the duty to give her more reason to feel loved and special. Maybe it’s difficult for you to understand what she thought and how to make her happy, these ways in other word maybe could help you.

1. Make her laugh and give her smile
The most important thing is to keep your girlfriend filled with joy in her heart, you just have to share funny thoughts to make her laugh, smile. The more smiles she have, the more happier she is.
2. Be open to share things
Be open to your girlfriend, be trustworthy to her. She will be glad to share everything happened in life with you. She wanna you could be a listener, listening what she had experienced, accompany with her to grow up.
3. Build trust, and get real
This means you should be true to her, never lie to her, whether your words or actions. Don’t be a pretender, remember that every girl deserves a man who are true to her, fill her heart, mind, and life with joy and blissfulness.
4. Love what she loves
You should know more about her interests, what she loves, you will support her. You don’t have to actively participate in all her interests, just show her some enthusiasm when she talks about.
5. Travel together
Have a trip together will strengthen the relationship between you and her, if you wanna know more about her, then the best chance is go on a trip together. Traveling will help you bring back the
passion and excitement. That will be satisfying if you help her to achieve her goals and devote more time to her.
6. Be romantic, give her surprises
You should give her surprises, prepare gifts, don’t be so expensive. Like the valentine’s day, Christmas Day, Anniversary. Don’t forget every happy moments!

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