How to love her when I am poor?

I had received some emails few days ago, one of those emails says that: “I love a girl so many years ago, yesterday we both join a party, and we spend a night togther in my rental house but do nothing as there are so bad sound insulation.
After that, she express her warm heart to me, but now i just graduated from collegue, i have no money to rent a better house, but i wanna make love with her and married to her, so what should I do?”

These questions are so unique but general, if you don’t have too much money, don’t worry, no need to find a better room, just follow me.

First step, being honest about your feelings, express your love bravely. Speak your thoughts and get her trust.

The second step, Play music loudly. Music can hide moans and mattress squeaks, and positions with less thrusting can stop your headboard from banging against the wall (and keeping your poor roommate up all night).

If you really can’t be quiet, stay home when others are out shopping or going to pub.

Last, use sex toys. Extra-quiet sex toys and games are perfect for begineer, before use it, switch your vibe on and see if you can hear it from the next room.


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