How to live sex life in newlyweds?

Marriage is a holy thing, every couples will experience it, and sex is a topic that couldn’t get away from. Especially for newlyweds, good sex tips for newlywed will be of importance.

Tip 1-Show affection
Don’t mean to show affection to your partner, affection is a very important part of a healthy sex life. While you’re showing affection and being loving, be sure that you maintain a healthy balance of
sexual desire. You could show it in the morning, in the special days, or even in the audience. Let he/she know you love he/she more than everything. It will make you feel close to each other in this way.

Tip 2-Foreplay
Remember to make foreplay before every sex. It is a necessary act in your sexual life. Foreplay including oral sex, mutual masturbation, penetrative sex, which help you to get orgasms easily.
It also take the pressure to have penetrative sex off the table can create space for more adventurous, exciting sexual experiences.

Tip 3-Dress sexy
Look like sexy will makes you more charming in your husband, even in he is so exhausted, stressed, sex desires will be waken up. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it makes you feel hot. Like dress sexy lingerie or jeans will be a good idea.

Tip 4-Create sex environment
Don’t make your room so bright, you could change it into a tranquil, sexy place. Keep sandalwood and lavender candles around the room, stick to soft lighting over fluorescent. Don’t take anything about work into your sex world, just focus on your sex life. As we all know, kitchen will also be a fantastic place for erotic exploration.

Tip 5-Explore more sex
It means you could take risks to explore different sexuality, it’s common that we need to keep our sex lives new, fresh, and exciting. Marriage is forever, and you can’t expect to have the same kind of sex for the rest of your lives. Say goodbye to boring sexual life, find more interesting things. Maybe you could try some light bondage or role-play, during this process, just don’t be afraid to explore them.

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