How to keep yourself safe when you are dating online?

Dating online looks so mysterious in general, however, there are full of danger. Did you heard of news that a woman who was allegedly murdered by a guy she met on the dating app Tinder? There are still so many terrible things happened involved internet dating. You know nothing about the man/woman who you will date with, anthing could happened in this unsafe state!

How to have a safe dating online?
1. Do a research
You should use google to research more information about the one who you will date with. Find information from facebook, instagram, snapchat, or linkin, confirm that if he/she is a liar.
2. Have a date in public place
You’d better choose a public place like concert, music restaurant, shopping mall, cafe, skating rink or other places where there’s typically a good crowd. This will keep yourself in a certain safe state, there will have someone who help you if you feel uncomfortable.
3. Stay sober
You’d better avoid drinking when dating with stranger. In American, more than 1 in 3 women (35.6%) and more than 1 in 4 men (28.5%) have experienced rape.
4. Don’t talk too much personal information
Remember that you should never talk too much personal information about your name, family, birthday, ID card, hometown, anything about yourself is rejected! Don’t share too much about yourself!
5. Never date by yourself
It means that you could have a date with your family or friend together, tell them your deets. If you meet problems, they could help you.

Dating online is not totally safe, just get away from anything could happened, keep yourself safe at first!
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