How to Keep Your Vagina Clean and No Smelly?

Vaginas are great, men both like it, as it has no gross. However, vaginas are easily to get smelly, even if it could be independently thrives, you still must do something to keep it fresh and healthy.

How to keep your vagina clean actually?
Wash hands everytime when having sex. Hands are full of baterica, you should wash your hands with soap especially before sex. It will help you to keep clean, and a healthy sex.

Wear cotton undies
If you don’t choose the undies which is made of the most breathable material, you just choose synthetic lace-y things. The result is that you will have the risk of getting UTI. Thus, you should
learn to choose proper panties wisely.

Wash and pee after sex
Technically UTIs are a urethra problem. You must keep it clean, wash it after sex, then pee quickly. In this way, it will help you to lessen the possibility of bacteria sitting around and multiplying inside your bod.

Get away from scented products
You should avoid of using scented products to your vagina. Like that sweet soap you use on your armpits and elsewhere, has a tendency to irritate the skin inside your vagina. Never use those bogus products, no one wants a bacterial infection.

Change your tampon in your period
Especially in your period, you are full of blood, and do it regularly, if you can. You must regularly change your tampon 3-5 times a day, and when you wake up, you must change a fresh one immediately!

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