How to keep strong relationship with your lover?

Long-term strong relationship is hard to keep, as you know life will throw a lot at you, your behaviours, needs, attitudes, life details and so on will influence your relationship. Romance could play an important role at a certain time, but good methods maybe keep your relationship lasting. You must be very clear that communicating and sharing, having the same goals should be the foundation. On a basic level, you need to share with the same willingness with your lover, and show your love and trust. There are some things that you two should remember.

1. Communication
The most important thing is having good communication with your lover, no matter what relationship you are in. When having fights between you, man must be the first one to apologize and then start to communicating. In this process, you will find your problems and know more about each other in a good way.

2. Financial issues
It seems that most couples split because of money problems. Nearly every couple go through their share of financial ups and downs. Everyone both want financial stability and security. When financial issues happen, you must tackle the issues together, be honest to each other, figure out where the problems. Remember never get away from those terrible issues if you two have the same goals.

3. Privacy
Everyone has his secrets, keep privacy for him or her is the fundmental respect for each other. Sometimes he/she will talk about personal things like family, job, friend, and other things, these are her/his privacy, just remember, anything your partner share with you should stay between you and them, you should help keep privacy.

4. Sex
Yes, sex is an unavoid topic to talk about in couple realtionship. For sex, you don’t be so shy, just speak your thoughts boldly. It’s good to be on the level with each other when it comes to what you want from your sex life. Everyone has desire, you could ask how many times a week should have sex to her/he, and often maintaining communication about sex. It seems that sex could maintain a strong relationship between couple.

5. Your goals and expectations.
You should try to keep your future goals, hopes, and expectations for the relationship to yourselves for as long as you possibly can. There are no set rules for when you should announce your plans for the future. As long as you and your partner are on the same page, you should be fine. This could help to give her safety to some degrees. Let you know and understand each other well.

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