How To Have Safe Sex Position In Period?

Some people said that having sex during period will relieve yourself and get you less pain, orgasms will let you forget the discomfort. However, usually when we are in period, we nearly couldn’t
have minds to having sex, it sounds painful and intense, especially unappetizing. Positively, doctor suggest that avoid sex positions that put pressure on your uterus and ovaries will make you enjoy sex in period. So let us explore which sex positions are good for period sex.

1. Face to face
I definitely recommend this position, face to face sex position fit for period. Let him to stand up, bend his knees, meet you face to face, and slide his penis into your body slowly at a speed and depth that feels comfortable to you. But remember to wear condom.

2. Chair
Chair sex position-let him to kneel on the bed with their legs totally bent, then you could grind and move around onto his penis, with a way feels best for you. It also gives you total control over the depth and intensity of play.

3. Lotus
This position means let your partner sit down, then you sit on his lap, wrapped around his back with your legs, meanwhile, you need to face him. This sex position looks so sweeter and cozier,
you could find yourself in a slow and sensual way.

4. Spooning sex
Spooning sex is a cozy, hot and intimate sex position at once. Make your partner lying on your side with your knees bent, and you directly to spoon him. The stimulation depends on your knee position. The closer your knees are to your chest, the more acute the penetration angle will be. I think this position could try in the 5-7days of period.

5. Cowgirl
This position is a classic but excellent sex position which describe as women sit down in men’s body, have men lay down and straddle them. Or you could allow him to sit up, grab your butt or your boobs.

Notice: all positions shoud wear condoms. Keep yourself safe and not be infected. Besides, you could also try adult toys from Bestvibe, cyber monday will have 50% discounts!
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