How to have safe sex and get orgams on plane?

Have you tried sex on plane? Have you talk sex with your partner on plane? Have you found best sex tips on plane? If you had never tried it before, but really wanna challenge it, then let’s explore it together!

1. Having sex quickly, not at a short time.
If you could have sex on bed last for even 1 hour, then you could relieve yourself, on plane, you should have sex within 10 minutes, even little. You should get ready to disengage at a moment’s notice.

2. Get extra blankets, sex in some empty seats.
Select the aisle and window seats of the same row. Wait until the meal service has ended in first class and the cabin lights go out. You should sex at a dark environment, put on the blankets, and use reverse cowgirl sex position. You don’t need full on penetration just get a try. Don’t moaning on plane, and avoid people.

3. Restroom will be the best choice.
If you choose to sex on restroom, you must be careful when exiting and entering the restroom. Wait until the flight attendants start taking their breaks. Wait for a lull in business at the mid-cabin restrooms after people start falling asleep. So at this time you see the restrooms are empty, make your move and snag one. Going into the restroom one by one, and keep silent, take a towel to keep your sensitive area clean. Don’t be infected into virus.

4. Stand up position.
Standing up position seems the only option, which will help you keep yourself safe and clean. It is a safe sex position, avoid siting down the grody toilet, kneel on the nasty floor. You could try
doggle style position, he pull down your pants and penetrate into your vagina easily. This maybe fit for couples which have the same height, but forbid in pregnant woman.

If you also crazy about sex on plane, get quick to try now, if you have other tips, welcome to comment on Bestvibe
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