How to have babies for trangender groups?

Yesterday, the proud dad Reuben Sharpe had give birth to his baby with his non-binary partner Jay in UK. This is not the first case about transgenders have babies, but this is the group would love to share their happiness. They are different from other couples but in general, is the same. They take 6 years to go through those hard times, finally they succeed and had a baby. They said the sperm donation is the key for having baby.

This is getting usual in the modern times. So how to have baby for those transgenders?
1. Face it normally
You must learn to how to treat it normally, open your eyes, and face it in a positive opinion. People should be more open to this, everyone should be respected, everyone should be loved, get out of those dirty minds, don’t care about others visions, be yourself.

2. Accept sperm donation and uterus transplants
Any transgenders must go through this medical surgery. But this surgery has some risks, and should spend more time, maybe 5 years, 6 years, or 10 years. You must have strong will to overcome it, you know this will be a hard time for you and your partners.

3. Make more money
You know the medical surgery will spend your large amount of money, you will meet money and other barriers. Money will help you to succeed, and meanwhile you should have a healthy body.

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