How to have an open sex for shy people?

Sex means pleasure, seducer, tease, full of emotions. Great sex allows us to feel like what we want, intimacy, indulgence, excitings, heaven pleasure! When you have sex, you will find how beautiful you are, confidence, sexuality lies in your life. Even if you are a shy person, you could have your own sex, directly and straightly! There are some useful tips to help you get more open sex if you are definitely shy.

1. Keep an open mind when talking about sex.
You could show your partner that keep an open mind that you are love to talk about sex. You could be so patient, sex-positive, and make an immoral pervert. In the process of our growing ups, shy people could be better by doing this.
2. Accept and encourage masturbation.
Masturbation should be encouraged during sex, which had been seen as a good behaviour of foreplay. Masturbation keeps diseases away if you persisit on doing it. Orgasms and fantasies could be
easily get by doing masturbation everyday, you could also exchange different ideas and thoughts. By doing this, you will enjoy your sex perfectly! Besides, more skills you will have!
3. Give your partner enough personal space.
If you have strong sex desires, but your partner don’t, please don’t be so panic. The first and most important thing is to give your partner enough personal space. Sex have endless imagination, if you wanna get more, sex will help you.
4. Share anything interesting with your partner.
If you find anything interesting, just share your interests with your partner straightly. Telling your partner your own sexual desires, it will help you to know more about each other. Knowing what she/he want, inner feelings, you will make a progress in the future sex life.
5. Learn to ask questions about sex.
You will never deny that you could strengthen your sex relationship by asking any sex questions. Ask what best sex positions she/he will like? You could also ask what kind of sweet words he will
6. Respect your partner.
We will feel not be respected when we won’t love anymore. It will be not sexy when we feel unattractive. If you love her/he so much, you will respect her. Prepare secret gifts, make big surprises,
join in the concerts, or take part in a party together. Introduce he/her to your best friends, or family, this will be good ways of showing your respects.

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