How to have a hot and amazing shower sex?

Shower sex always looks so amazing and romatic in the movies, before the big screen, you could find that shower sex will be looks sexy and get easily. However, it is more difficult than you could
imagine, it need some tips and bold challenge, meanwhile you could also try sex toys, then you will find it is simple than ever.

How to have hot shower sex?
1. Create romantic atmosphere
Bright lights, tiled walls, lotions, potions, and medications strewn over every surface: bathrooms aren’t always the most atmospheric of spaces. You also filled the bathroom with flowers, put a few candles, play the music which is sounding romantic.
2. Prepare and give yourself enough time
Yes, you must give yourself enough time to relieve yourself, not just for a task to have hot shower sex. Remember that it is not a daily routine but a funny thing.
Shower sex is an easy way to experience steamy sex, you could enjoy your sexual life in this way, get yourself to the fullest.
3. Try oral sex during the process
Especially after cleaning up the private area, it will have no strange smell or taste, so you have no worry about that oral sex will make you upset. Otherwise, add this oral sex can be helpful for people who feel sadly self-conscious, getting them out of their heads. In this way, you can live in the moment and concentrate on pleasure.
4. Face to the mirror
Mirror will be a good tool for you and partner for having sex. Try and position yourselves so that you can watch yourself as you glide your soapy bodies together. This will help you to improve your sex skills, you will find that how and where to improve.
5. Try different sex positions
I like the up against the wall sex position in the shower best! Someone maybe enjoy the doggle-style. Start “up against the wall.” She’ll stand up straight with her hands against the wall (or holding her suction cup hand grips) with her legs spread slightly. From here, then he can enter her from behind, holding her waist, caressing her breasts or providing manual–or showerhead–stimulation to her clitoris. Be careful that, use lube in the process, wear condom is necessary.
6. Slap
This behaviour usually happens in the BDSM group, not every partner both like this. Spanking for some is a fun way to explore your kinky side, In the shower, it can create more of a sting that’s a turn on to some to others but start slow: they just may want to smack you back.
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