How to have a better sex life in New Year?

Do you satisfy your 2019 sex life? Have you ever get orgasms? Do you wanna change it? 2020 is around the corner, so what will you do to change your sex life in the next new year? There are some ways that can help you enjoy a better sex life and give you a blissful life in 2020.

1. Keep exercising, a healthy diet, and enough sleep.
You must know that your body health will influence on your sexual health, if you are energetic everyday, it will help to increase your energy. Besides, if you keep enough exercises, and have a healthy diet, and sleep well, it will benefit your sex life, which make you get orgasms quickly.

2. Try some new and different things.
No matter what new vibrators, masturbation cups, dildos, or romantic and sexy music, outdoor sex, room sex, you could definitely try some new things. If you wanna find more exciting things, then you could try BDSM pleasure, it will spice you up, and explore more sexy possibilities!

3. Look for any opportunities to sex.
In any states, you should accept sex, don’t deny it. If you fall in love with each other, but just don’t step forward, then you will loose the chance to sex. You could have sex in the trip, in the theater,
in his/her room, in the park, or when he/she kiss you, don’t afraid to have sex if you believe him/her. But I suggest that when you are in the first time, you’d better wear condoms.

4. Learn to listen or respect your partner.
You will meet fighting problems, or some disagreements, at this time, you should spend more time thinking about what you want to say, and not enough time listening. When your partner gives
you feedback, don’t get defensive. Listen and reflect, then respond. Learn how to love and listen, respect when your partner saying his/her needs. Everyone both wanna respects, to be loved, to be

Bestvibe wish all of you will have a happy sex new year in 2020! And get your sex pleasure with our sex toys.

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