How to get sex without penetration?

It seems that most couples both like penetration sex, but for single people, sex always means no penetration, however, sex without penetration also means interesting and funny, which also
getting orgasms quickly. So how to get sex without penetration?

Using hands to give some massages
You could choose to use your hand to give some massages for your partner, add massage oils, special massage candles, doing some massages.

Masturbation is safe as it is not easy to get STI transmission, you can explore some sensitive areas, and do some exciting behaviours, you can do it with hands or sex toys, meanwhile, add lube, you will enjoy this kind form of sex and getting orgasms quickly! It is believed that masturbation will be a really pleasurable and fun sex experience!

Nipples stimulating
You can lick, suck, or gently bite your partner’s nipples, touch or pinch them, or even use a sex toy on them. Stimulating nipples will easily to get nipplegasm.

Oral sex
You could use your tongue lick, suck his penis or her vagina, touching, licking, and using genital-safe items on the labia, clitoris, and around the vaginal opening can also be pleasurable and would not require vaginal penetration.

Getting kinky
There are some kinky activities like that spanking, bondage or role play, which don’t need to involve penetration.

There are some sex activities without penetration, but there are more creative ways to explore! You could use vibrators, having any sex activities, kissing, touching, dry humping, sensory playing, any activities will be ok.

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