How to find that if you are good in bed/sex in 2020?

I think you are on your happy holidays now, but if you are looking through blogs, don’t miss this article. In this special new year, you will find a good time to have for fun, travel, reading, or sex.
Most couples will have more time to enjoy sex with their partner in the holiday. You are just relax, no worries, no pressure, easy and comfortable. However, do you know if you are really good in bed? Whether you are really happy in sex or not?

Let us explore the answers together:
1. Don’t imitate porn.
You know you don’t really need to imitate porn action, the porn is meant to be entertainment, you should be creative to sex with your partner by yourself, try different positions. Get out of porn before sex, before going to bed, you know your partner will dislike it.

2. Get orgasms quickly.
You don’t push her to orgasms, you must make sure your partner to have a great time when having sex. If you could make her to get orgasms quickly and without any pressure, you will notice that you are good bed in an effective way.

3. Good at using sex toys.
People who are good at bed usually good at using sex toys. You don’t get intimidated by sex toys, you need welcome the chance to add toys to your sexual life. In a certain way, toys will spice up
your sex life, make sex longer in bed.

4. Try new things.
If you are strong in sex, you will love to try any new things, you can try new sex position, new sex lingerie, new sex words, even change sex place. Things looks so challengable will make you more exciting, remember don’t let the fear of “failure” prevent you from trying something new.

5. Humor.
Good in bed not represent you are strong in sex, but have a strong sense of humor, it means that you have the ability to make your love laugh after sex, and feel happy not tired. You don’t take things too seriously, and you know that the funny moments can be just as bonding as the sexy ones.

6. A healthy body.
Yes, this is a necessity for people who have strong sex in bed. Keep a healthy body will help you to have a strong sex ability. Your relationship with sex is deeply tied into your relationship with your body. Great lovers take good care of their bodies. So keep a healthy body now, keep exercising, discard your age if you have a healthy body.

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