How to enjoy your sex better in the good age of sex toys?

We are now live in a good age of sex toys, we could access to some incredibly well-constructed, innovative products. Sex toys are now open and accepted by people, it become a big necessity of women, more inclusive, more inviting. Sex toys let more people learn to explore their sexualities.

There are 49% women express that they have a variety of expected anxieties and shame. And 54% women think they don’t need this one. Most women think people will have a strange attitude towards them as sex toys are so lusty. However, sex toys are needed in sexual life, no matter men or women. As there are different sizes, different shape, all colors, variety functions sex toys, so we should more open to accept them and try them.

So how to enjoy sex toys better in the good age of sex toys?
1. Be proud of yourself-You must build confidence of having sexy toys, when you get a beautiful appearance, good shape, and new style vibrators, you will be so happy and proud of yourself. If this is the first time to use it, then you could try simple and safe way to use them, you could stimulate clit in different frequencies.
2. Masturbation-Masturbation will be the healthiest things we can do, easier to control, it help us reclaim our bodies for ourselves, get more self-pleasure. Try some masturbators between couples will have a great help.
3. Start to vibrators. Female clit vibrators are so popular in women. When you have no idea about how to start and choose, maybe you could choose clit vibrators, wearable vibrators. This kinds of toys are safe to use, and easy to control, fit for beginners. Rabbit vibrators also could be your decision, however it has a big size and long shape, so if you are not proficient, get away from this one.
4. Pay more attention on shopping-there are some famous sex toys brand, lovehoney, we-vibe, and Bestvibe. You must choose some safe, non-toxic material, soft touching. Then you should focus on its functions, and if it is erogonimic. The last, see the price.

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