How to Define High-risk sexual behaviors?

For you and your partner,sex is a normal, healthy part of life. It should be fun and pleasurable.

But it can also be very risky if you or your partner do certain things that could spread disease or cause physical or emotional harm.


What are high-risk sexual behaviors?Examples of high-risk sexual behavior include:

Unprotected intercourse without male or female condom use, except in a long-term, single-partner (monogamous) relationship.

Unprotected mouth-to-genital contact, except in a long-term monogamous relationship.

Early sexual activity, especially before age 18.

Having multiple sex partners.

Having a high-risk partner (one who has multiple sex partners or other risk factors).

Having anal sex or a partner who does, except in a long-term, single-partner (monogamous) relationship.

Having sex with a partner who injects or has ever injected drugs.

Exchange of sex (sex work) for drugs or money.


How to keep a healthy sexual behaviors?You can have a good time and curb a lot of these risks. A lot of it comes down to three simple things: protect, test, and talk.


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