How to bond with your partner?

On this special Christmas day, I wanna ask how could we bond with our lovers? How could to keep our love alive? How could we treat each other in a lovely way?For most couples, there are some ways to improve intimacy in a relationship and stregthen the relationship stronger than ever.

1. Understand and support your lover’s perspectives.
As you know, there are also little fights between couples, you will also fight at every moment, when meeting disagreements, it is too common for them to impose their personal beliefs upon each other. So if you wanna keep bond with them, the key is to believe that what they see, feel, and hear, just support him/her from your inner heart.

2. Learn to forgive.
Everyone will make mistakes, which are fragile and vulnerable for everyone. If your partner make a big mistake, she/he should be forgiven. As you know, love is more than anything, if the mistake could be undertaken by you two, then you could relieve yourself, just go ahead, and keep positive attitudes towards life.

3. Respect each other.
When you are in a long-term relationship for 3-5 years, you will notice that you nearly have no privay. You are easy to affected by each other, mutual responses show up in several ways. You should learn to respect his/her inner world, thoughts, minds, and opinions, hobbies… This is the most important thing between in a long-term relationship.

4. Respect his/her dreams.
As time passes, those back-burner desires may re-emerge. Though they may have temporarily become lost in the couple’s commitment to mutual dreams, they begin to beg attention. Partners must learn to respect their dreams. And learn to keep their promises.

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